The Willwork Robe

A convertible self-care garment that features modern design elements, luxe eco-friendly fabric, and versatile configurations, the Willwork Robe is designed for all Women.

It's diverse functionality easily accommodates both standard and maternity wearers with features including an open lounge jacket, cowl neck configuration, and cross-body configuration to allow for left and right side nursing, and skin-to-skin snuggling with with your little one.

The Willwork Robe

Design Features

Thoughtful consideration of critical functionality balanced with aesthetic sensibility makes the Willwork Robe the perfect gift for the mother-to-be.

The Willwork Robe - For All Women
  • Convertible Design

    This robe features handmade sterling silver hooks and grosgrain ribbon loops which enable it to be worn in multiple configurations. In addition to standard uses, the cross body configuration allows access to both right and left breasts for feeding, while the cowl neck configuration provides coverage of mama and baby when needed.
  • Absorbent

    This luxe french terry is very absorbent which makes it perfect for throwing on after a shower. For Mamas, it's super soft on sore nipples and it is also resistant to mould and breathes and wicks moisture away due to its porous nature.
  • Eco-friendly Fabric

    This Bamboo french terry blend is 67% Rayon of Bamboo, 28% Cotton, and 5% spandex. It is pesticide and chemical free, naturally anti-microbial, hypoallergenic and thermal regulating. It was chosen for it's excellent drape and a silky-cashmere feel.
  • Magical details

    This robe features deep pockets for your cell phone, an attached belt so it never gets lost, plenty of space in the shoulders for a comfy fit, the back features architectural design lines for interest, a full skirt and hi-low hem that drapes beautifully on women of all sizes.

It's all in the details...

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  • Shoulder Hooks

    Shoulder Hooks

    Reinforced shoulder hooks allow you to wear this robe with a cowl neck configuration which provide easy access and easy coverage when breastfeeding. And they are easily hooked with one hand, since we know your other one is holding your baby... and your cell phone :)

    Shoulder Hooks
  • Adjustable Inside Waist Hook & Loops

    Adjustable Inside Waist Hook & Loops

    When you get pregnant, your waist gets higher, and it gets lower again post-partum. This adjustable design element on the inside of the robe ensures a secure fit at the waist when wearing the cross body configuration, no matter what stage! The grosgrain ribbon loops are located on the inside of the robe on both sides so you can easily access both right and left breast for feeding as needed.

    Adjustable Inside Waist Hook & Loops
  • Outside Waist Loops and Deep Pockets

    Outside Waist Loops and Deep Pockets

    Another grosgrain ribbon loop is featured on the outside of the robe on either side, directly above the big-enough-for-your-iPhone6plus-deep pockets.

    Outside Waist Loops and Deep Pockets

Multiple Configurations for Access and Coverage

#willwork for snuggles

Hi there. I'm Sharon.

I created this robe for myself... and for my baby boy, Will. #willwork

Breastfeeding is hard. And I was shocked by the lack of good options for a robe. I couldn't find anything with all the features I wanted, so... through force of will, I made one. #willwork

I have worn it literally everyday, multiple times a day, since I worked with a pattern maker in NYC to create the first (and second and third) prototypes, the graders to make sure it worked for smaller and bigger sizes, the eco friendly fabric mill, and the local NYC factory. I needed it to "do what it says on the tin". So... here it is. I hope you (or your loved ones) love it as much as I do. It #willwork

#willwork for snuggles